“The fierce urgency of now!” ML KING DAY 2019 :A Rallying Point for Workers and Peoples Action

In 2019, Dr. ML King Jr. Day activities and events must make a call for Blacks, immigrants and all workers and oppressed people to be engaged in direct political action to address the growing U.S. crisis during Trump’s administration, with its rising tide of racism, white Neo-fascist movement and and anti-worker policies. We must raise up the “fierce urgency of now” as as Trump’s policies and actions has led to the longest partial U.S. government shutdown in history impacting over 800,000 jobs.

African-American and Brown workers make up to 30% of this work force. Consequently people of color are disproportionately effected. Many workers are furloughed, many are working without pay and thousands of contractors not getting paid. This has resulted in thousands seeking help with food, missing rent and mortgage payments  and even having to skip needed medications.
Trump’s administration and his policies give even more tax breaks, money, favors and privileges to billionaires, millionaires, his family/friends  and the rich, as they hurt millions more workers and their families, taking away school lunch, food, housing, etc. This administration further undercuts our human and civil rights as well as those of women/the LGBT community, workers, unions and the well being of our environment and Mother Earth!
What we really need is a General Strike. That is, workers in all industries and sectors, including Federal Employees, should stay home. That is the only way we are going to win. While workers across the country are not ready for this yet, we need to discuss and debate it as we organize for the battles ahead.
In 2019, King Day must be a urgent rallying call for Black, Brown, Immigrants, Women, Youth and  all oppressed working people to engage in direct and all forms of political action to make transformative change and further resist the Trump Administration’s actions to roll back. Join us in  Black Workers For Justice, along with Hip Hop for Justice Youth, the Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble , our friends and allies like the NC Public Service Workers Union-UE 150 , Bloomer Hill Community Assoc., the Committee Against Racism and many others as we raise up the “Fierce Urgency of Now!” as we Honor Dr King this weekend !
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