The Black Workers For Justice Supports The National Green Ribbon Campaign: Justice for Katrina & Rita Survivors

Wear the Green Ribbon: show support for the struggle for the affordable housing and Reconstruction in New Orleans and throughout the Gulf Coast!

More than 2 years ago, the impact of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, exposed corporate greed and US government racism and neglect of conditions to protect the poor, working class and majority Black population in New Orleans and throughout the Gulf Coast. Over 2,000 people died, thousands of homes and vital institutions that support human and social needs were destroyed, and thousands more were forcibly dispersed to all corners of the US.

Instead of rebuilding New Orleans to insure that the people uprooted can return to their homes and communities, and to set a direction for reconstruction throughout the Gulf Coast, the US government is denying the Black majority their human right to return to New Orleans by bulldozing affordable housing and making it economically impossible for people to live in that city. More than 12,000 people are homeless living in the streets and thousands more are scheduled to be evicted from trailers and will lose their affordable housing vouchers.

Green Ribbon Demands:

  • The Right of Return for the Black majority to New Orleans
  • Affordable housing for all – Stop the demolition of public housing Now!
  • Pass Senate Bill 1668 – The Gulf Coast Housing Recovery Act of 2007: This bill currently sits in the Senate Committee of Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. Contact North Carolina Sen. Elizabeth Dole at 866-420.6083 and urge her to push for the Passage of this bill
  • Stop the police and government harassment and brutality against peaceful protests
  • Free the Jena 6!

For More Information Contact 800-815-4946

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