President Obama, We Are Very Disappointed in You!

00000afghanistanPresident Obama continues the failed policies of the Bush and Clinton administrations.  Money to bail out the rich corporations and for unending wars, at the expense of the working class, who face massive unemployment, housing foreclosures, cuts in social programs, millions without healthcare, and attacks on democratic and human rights.

After four hundreds of years of slavery, racism and injustice, and sacrifices of beatings, jailing, and deaths struggling for voting rights, democracy and liberation, the hopes and dreams of African Americans and others throughout the US and the world, was that the Obama Presidency would be different from the others.

And while we celebrated the election of Obama; a righteous expression of the unending struggle of African Americans for democracy and liberation, we must also criticize his departure from the aims of our historical struggles for a society and world without racism, oppression, exploitation and for environmental justice and world peace.

Obama’s decision to send thousands more troops to Afghanistan continues the corporate strategy to remain in that region through wars and the establishment of puppet governments and military bases, until it can control the oil and natural resources in an effort to dominate the world.

As Obama sends mainly working class young men and women to this imperialist war, where many will die, while conditions deteriorate at home, the Black Community and all who want peace must say NO to war.

These wars have helped to shaped and encourage a culture of violence in our communities.  If we support wars abroad, it is harder to oppose them at home in our communities.  If war is a must, let the people organize and make war on unemployment, poverty, homelessness, racism, all forms of discrimination and the lack of healthcare for all.

Unlike Bush, the Obama election mobilized a progressive majority; those who oppose wars, discrimination and attacks on worker rights, and who are engaged in the many movements for social justice. The African American Community was the core of this majority, and must take the lead in opposing the actions of the Obama administration that go against the interests of democracy and human rights at home and abroad.

The Black Community must let our voices be heard in opposition to the escalating war in Afghanistan.

 Join the People’s Assembly!

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