Long Live Malcolm X!

Today is the 54th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X-Al Hajj Malik Al Shabazz one of the foremost leaders the Black Freedom movement in the US has ever produced. His life and legacy established a standard of dedication, sacrifice and love for the people, which must continue to serve as a guide to those fighting for Black liberation in this historical moment

He believed that the struggle for Black freedom was a struggle for power, self-determination and land. He also believed that the struggle is for human rights and that the struggle has to use many strategies and all tactics available.

Because of Brother Malcolm’s sharp critique of the blood sucking nature of capitalism and the criminal role of the US government in the affairs of the people of Africa and Latin America, the rulers of the country through their various institutions such as the press and schools attempt to erase Malcolm. Yet every generation since his murder has embraced him, most importantly, through political analysis, organization and action. We find him in our music, visual arts and even apparel. And more profoundly, we find him in our hearts and minds.

In this moment of the rise of fascism and white nationalism in the US and around the world we must anchor ourselves in Malcolm’s fighting spirit.

Malcolm’s warning about newspapers is right on time as we look at the situation in Venezuela. The mainstream press would have us believe that the current government in Venezuela was not elected and that President Maduro is a dictator. Or, that the US is interested in democracy and not oil or that they had no role in sabotaging the economy through sanctions and other shenanigans. Similarly, they would have us believe that the Palestinians are not a People whose land was stolen from them by settler colonialist and are living in an occupied territories or an Apartheid Israeli state. They want us to believe that the Palestinians are simply terrorist. Malcolm helps us to reject these fictions.

So on this day, think about Malcolm, read his words, talk about him with coworkers, family and friends. His speeches and writings are widely available on the Internet.

And above all join the struggle to end exploitation and oppression of African descendants and all oppressed humanity everywhere. Stop the War on Black America!

Black Workers for Justice

February 21, 2019

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