Impeach Trump: Stop the War on Black America! End the Assault on Workers and Oppressed Communities

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 9.34.24 AMThe Charlottesville, VA hate rally unites the rightwing and is an aggressive action of white Nationalism. This is the view that we share with other Black, nationally oppressed and working-class activists and people across the US and internationally.

The Charlottesville action is a neo-fascist social movement, like the  Nazi brown shirt movement that emerged as part of the rise of fascism in Nazi Germany during the 1930s.

The racist factions now uniting to publicly launch this white nationalist neo-fascist social movement is taking place under the Trump Regime and during a period when the national Black resistance is spontaneous and the national Black liberation movement is fragmented.

Many Black organizations, activists and the general left, have dismissed Trump as simply a force deflecting attention from the decisions and policies of the so-called “deep state”. In reality he represents a white nationalist tendency in the US ruling class that must be defeated even as we concern ourselves with the institutions of the state responsible for surveillance, criminal justice, the military, etc. and all aspects of the capitalist economic and political system.

Only a broad united front can defeat fascism. The organizations and people in the front will use a variety of tactics. We should not focus our energy on critiquing each other. Rather, we should build our bases in communities and workplaces and engage the struggle based on our strategy and tactics. This will create the conditions for building the necessary unity.

Our people, and progressive forces in general, need to see and ally with the rebuilding of the national Black liberation movement to bring forward and connect up the many battlefronts against the War on Black America. We need also to revitalize social movement unionism within the Labor Movement to challenge assaults on all workers and oppressed people.

Distributing the Freedom Manifesto and the online Manifesto Bulletin is a step we are taking in launching an ” Impeach Trump: Stop the War on Black America! End the Assault on Workers and the Oppressed” campaign. Connected to this is the call for a National Assembly for Black Liberation which can go a long way to build solidarity between movements, help overcome the localized fragmentation of the Black Liberation movement and provide a clear target for Black and progressive Resistance.

Let’s continue uniting and building our Peoples Power! 

























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