HKonJ 2018:Fellow Lovers of Justice

HKonJ 2018 comes in the midst of a rising tide of racist white supremacist and anti-working people attacks that include:

voter suppression * attacks on workers rights to organize unions * national systematic gentrification of our communities * tax breaks for wealthy corporations and the 1% and more budget cuts for workers, the poor and public schools * environmental racism and ecological destruction * attacks on women, the LGBTQ community, Muslims and Immigrants * police brutality * racist violence * immoral wars * and more.

This March and rally of thousands is essential and so is taking the resistance to the ballot box. But building our strength from the bottom up, in local communities, workplaces, schools and places of worship is how we will win. In other words, everywhere the people gather we have to organize.

In this historical moment when the 1%, represented by 45 and their agents in Congress, and led by the Koch Brothers, Mercers and Wall Street bankers wants fewer and fewer people to have power, sometimes called an oligarchy, we need the opposite. That is, we need broad based institutions and organizations governed by regular folks like us who work, are not wealthy and have faith in the ability of the people to make decisions about how they will live and what policies are needed for their communities and families. We need power!

Help us build and strengthen

Workers Assemblies

People’s Assemblies

A Black Liberation Assembly


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