General Baker-Presenté

This is a tribute to General Baker written for BWFJ members by his long time friend Saladin Muhammad.

General Baker: A Working-class Fighter Who Challenged and Gave Capitalism Hell!
 General Baker
General Gordon Baker, known as “Gen” and “Iceberg” by some, a Black working-class revolutionary, founding member and rank-and-file leader of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, leader of the League of Struggle for a New America and friend and comrade to many throughout the U.S. and internationally has transitioned.

Gen will be remembered for his humor, honesty, uncomplicated political clarity, courage of struggle and love for his family. I last spoke to Gen on Wednesday May 14, and in his usual way he tried to deflect the critical nature of his health struggle, saying “I’m trying to hold on brother” with a hint of laughter. We didn’t talk long. I told him that I will check in later and he said “spread the love to all of the comrades.” As long as I have known Gen, he always left me with something that reflected the importance of struggle and comrades.

We will miss this field General, who for so many of us was an example of leadership and humility that we want and need to follow.

To Sister Marian, the kids and grand kids who Gen and Marian care for even with their busy movement schedules, we know that this is a GREAT loss that can never be replaced.

For many of us, we know that – We will see Gen in the Revolutionary Whirlwind!

Saladin Muhammad

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