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Commemorating the Birthday of Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz)

malcolm-x-1May 19 marks the 91st anniversary of the birth of Malcolm X, the great 20th Century leader of the African American struggle for freedom, justice and equality; for self-determination and liberation. His assassination in 1965, at the hands of those working in the interest of white supremacy, capitalism and imperialism, marked a horrible chapter in our history of struggle and the beginning of the modern Black Power Movement.

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BWFJ Mourns the loss of Mrs. Ruby Mayo-Presenté

The Black Workers for Justice is deeply saddened at the transition of Mrs. Ruby Mayo. She was our oldest member and an inspiration to all. She is the mother of Nathanette Mayo a BWFJ leader, grandmother of Angaza Samora, BWFJ youth leader, and mother-in-law of founder and leader Angaza Laughinghouse. A tribute prepared by Angaza:11934311_10152985476841971_1236796904_n

DEAR FAMILY, FRIENDS, “BLACK WORKERS FOR JUSTICE”(BWFJ) members and fellow freedom fighters,

It is with much sorrow, I announce that our Mother Ruby Mayo transitioned to join our ” freedom fighter” ancestors. She passed away yesterday… Saturday morning…after a long illness. With her strong, purposeful and independent spirit,” she fought for life to the end of her 94 years…..not just her own life, but for her  community, our people and all working people lives”. Continue reading

S.C. Labor Activist Joins the Ancestors-Mary Ann Moultrie (1942-2015)

Mary Moultrie 2-1Not widely known outside of South Carolina, Charleston labor leader Mary Moultrie passed on April 27. Mrs. Moultrie made significant contributions to the workers struggle in Charleston starting with her leadership of the 1969 strike of hospital workers. Her work reveals both the connection of the civil rights movement to the labor movement and the too often hidden role of women’s leadership. Oral historian and Labor activist Kieran Taylor provides a brief look at this Black working class hero and shares resources about the strike and the life of this remarkable women.

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