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Date: Mon, 14 May 2018

Black Workers For Justice (BWFJ) calls on all Black leaders and activists to speak out and call for an end to the recent Israeli killings of Palestinians who are protesting in their own territories of Gaza and Jerusalem!  The Trump Administration and  U.S. government are supporting the Zionist colonial state and their murders of over 53 people and over 1000 injured!
Dr. Martin L. King stated in 1967, that the U.S. is the greatest purveyor of all violence in the world today. And as we approach Malcolm X’s 93rd birthday, we must remember his words that capitalism and Imperialism  are like vultures, preying on the oppressed.
Jerusalem was home to Muslims, Christians, and Jews, until the Zionists killed and expelled the Palestinians from their land in 1948. Today, the pro-Zionist Trump Administration is continues to force oppressed Palestinians from their homes. By declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and moving the US embassy there amid controversy and protest, the Trump administration has insulted the Palestine Peoples Nation and struggle for liberation from Zionism and US/European  Imperialism.
BWFJ is calling on all African Americans to recognize and examine the connection between the Black struggle for self-determination here in America, and that of the Palestinian people. Our people here in America face attacks on our communities through gentrification, attacks on our bodies through police brutality, and attacks on our livelihoods as the cost of living rises but wages remain the same. Our sisters and brothers in Palestinian face similar threats as they remain severely oppressed under an Israeli system of apartheid.
We must hold rallies, informational pickets, student teach-ins, lunch and learns, and other activities to publicize and support the struggle of the Palestinian people!
Self Determination for African-Americans  and the oppressed Palestinian Nation!
End the murders of all Blacks, Brown, Palestinian, and oppressed people at home and abroad!

“State of Emergency,” Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble New CD

The Fruit of Labor Singing Ensemble, our songs and music were born out of the struggle of organizing African American workers in the “Black Belt” region of North Carolina and the South. Recruited from workplace and community struggles, The “Fruit” has captured in music oppressed peoples’ and the working class’ history of community and workplace struggles.

Many folks have experienced the powerful political messaging of our lyrics bound up in soul stirring, gut wrenching blues, bouncing to a hip-hop or reggae beat or sliding in and out of a jazz melody with a little scat included. Our lyrics have also been known to get caught up in a 70’s funk beat and break it down rhythm & blues sound. They are even infused, at times, with a bit of pop flavor and, at others, a take them down to the river and lift ‘em up gospel flavor! The Fruit of Labor’s songs and music touches all because it is rooted in our people’s ageless traditions of chants, call and response, spirituals, reggae, jazz, blues, R&B, soul, folk, hip-hop and spoken word. This new CD “State of Emergency” features some of these and a fun new genre we call reggaebilly. It’s an exciting mixed bag of dancing, energy, down in your bones spiritual and “fightback” coming at you!

Thanks to all our many fans, supporters, fellow freedom fighters and activists involved in the many righteous progressive workers’ rights, civil rights, environmental rights and human rights struggles who inspire us and our music! We invite you to listen to “State of Emergency”. We hope you enjoy it and it makes you get up and move and get activated!

35th Annual MLK Support for Labor Banquet

The Law of Thieves

avotcja-243x300The poet Avotcja from Oakland wrote this poem in response to Arizona’s SB1070 (Spanish follows)


The Border
A bigger than life fantasy
An evil maze
An incredible monstrosity
A deadly lie
A creation of sanctified hallucinations
The Border
An imaginary line
Born of death & fed on misery
This poisoness nightmare
Armed & held up by a mountain of greed
Just a modern day noose of unlimited hypocrisy
And cruel trickery
The Border
A hole full of Soul stealing stupidity
A mansion created by thievery
And swimming
In hot tubs of imported tears
The Border
Just a line hiding an artificial concept
Around invisible fences
Transparent walls to protect stolen lands
The Border
Two demonic words
Two evil words
Two filthy words
Laws of
Thieves & bullies that have no right to exist
In the too awful for words sadness in the heart
Of this old black Poet

© Avotcja 4/27/2010


La Frontera
Grandisima fantasía
Laberinto malvado
Una monstruosidad increíble
Una mentira mortal
Hecho de alucinaciónes santificadas
La Frontera
Una linea imaginaria
Nacido de la muerte y una dieta de misería
Esta pesadilla venenosa
Fortificada de un montón de codicia
Solamente una soga moderna de hipocracía ilimitada
Una ilusión cruel
La Frontera
Un cuchitril lleno de bobería desmoralizada
Una casa grande creada de robo
Y nadando
En bañeras calientes de lágrimas importadas
La Frontera
Una linea pá esconder un concepto artificial
Alrededor de vallas invisibles
Muros transparentes pá proteger tierras robadas
La Frontera
Dos palabras endiabladas
Dos palabras malvadas
Dos palabras sucias
Reglas de
Ladrones bestiales que no tienen derecho de existir
En la tristeza indescriptible del corazón
De esta vieja Poeta negra

© Avotcja 4/27/2010